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Original Ring (discovered in 1860)
              Howard Carter Atlantis Ring
Howard CarterAtlantis Ring

The weight of this ring varies between 11 and 15 grams, depending on size. Based on 10k gold,this represents two to three times more that in other Atlantis rings.
The Howard Carter Atlantis ring was reproduced by a sculptor using photographs taken from different angles, as well as precise measurements from the original ring.
Every little detail was taken into account in order to produce a perfect copy. It is made of pure (.9999) silver in order to prevent energy loss that may be caused by alloys.
To avoid further tampering with the energy field each ring is moulded to size, as cutting & soldering would most certainly distort the energy field.

Beware of imitation that doesn't have this Logo Stamped Inside Logo de Collier Universel

Your Atlantis Ring"Howard Carter"
will arrive:
In a velvet pouch Accompanied by certificate of authenticity,
The history of the ring and its properties,
The real incense for Purification/Consecration
A charcoal and the Ritual of Consecration.
Manufacturer and Distributor for over 30 years of the Only Real "Howard Carter" Atlantis Ring                          

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