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Realization of the
Howard Carter Ring

This ring was recreated by a sculptor as was the original model in accordance
with and the shapes and dimensions of the authentic original Atlantis ring
which is currently the property of the Christian de Bélizal

Our aim in recreating this Ring was not to replicate the Atlantis Ring exactly as it was originally. In fact,
nor us nor anybody else know how it really was!

There is already too many fake-clairvoyant thinking they have the perfect answer.

Some of them pretending that, originally the ring was like this and others says like that!
Or, some others even pretending they were pyramid on it or rectangles and.... And what else…..?

What is important is not to know how the Ring exactly was originally but that, in its current shape, that Ring is very efficient.

It’s in is actual shape that it protects Howard Carter from the Tout Ankh Amon curse.

Our concern was to reproduce the Ring, with the most possible faithfulness. As it was in 1860 ‘ at the time it was uncovered

Please, look and compare yourself the 2 rings.

Photo tirée du livre:
Ces maisons qui tuent édition Robert Laffont
Bague Atlante Original
Bague Atlante Original (Découverte en 1860)

Véritable Bague Atlante Howard Carter
Bague Atlante Howard Carter
Reproduction Réalisée par :
Collier Universel + inc.

BAGUE ATLANTE  "Howard Carter"
en argent Pur

 The weight of this ring varies according to the size from 10 to 20 grams (based on gold 10 k.)
What represents from 2 to 3 times more noble metal than in most of the other Atlantis Rings on the market. 

Your Ring will be produced with respect and attention to detail, at the perfect size of your finger without ever cutting or welded
to keep its molecular integrity.
Its thickness, width and weight, are a tribute to this ring of

          "Superior Quality"

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