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The "Howard Carter"Atlantis Ring

Pure (.9999+) SilverThe weight of this ring varies between 11 and 15 grams, depending on size.
Based on 10k gold.      This represents two to three times more more noble metal that in the majority of the other Atlantis rings on the market.

    The Howard Carter Atlantis Ring was reproduced by a sculptor using photographs taken from different angles, as well as precise measurements from the original ring

Every little detail was taken into account in order to produce a perfect reproduction.

It is made of pure (.9999) silver in order to prevent energy loss that may be caused by alloys.

Each ring is molded at the perfect size of customer finger, to avoid perturbing here molecular arrange,
this ring it's never cutting or soldering, what would create a disturbance in the energetics field

    The Original ring was discovered in the in 1860 by the marquis d’Agrain this ring was originally made of Assouan clay. and has several thousand years old
A reproduction of this ring would have preserved Howard Carter from the curse of Tut Ankh Amon,

Making him the sole survivor of a group of 19 people who all died within the year following the discovery of the sarcophagus.


- It protects against invisible aggression.
- It protects against bad influence and danger of all types
- It produces a protective shield, which neutralizes bad vibes, curses and even against witchcraft.
- It enhances general health
- It promotes metaphysical communication
- It is a personal tool as it tunes into the wearer’s magnetism.

     Based on the principal of Yi-King, it works using imperceptible micro-vibrations

Worn on the LEFT HAND

it protects against occult forces. While on the left hand, during sleep or meditation it will enhance psychic communication.

Worn on the RIGHT HAND

it will filter and concentrate ones vibrations, which enables the power of persuasion, aiding in negotiations of all types.
    It will have a predominant influence on various parts of ones body,
    depending on which finger it is worn (Principal of the meridians)

Thumb:    head and skeletal system
Index:    Respiratory system, nervous system, vitality-action
Middle finger:    Influences all bodily functions, digestive system
Ring finger:   Genital & urinary systems
Pinkie:    Heart and circulation

 Recherche made by : Centre de Recherche et de Compilation " Cristal "